Thanks to you, last Saturday’s day of action was a huge success. Now we’ve learned that the decisive vote on the Federal Budget Bill could come as soon as next Thursday, June 14. We’re planning a second national day of action, next Wednesday evening at 5:30PM outside of Conservative MP offices – while they are in Ottawa trying to ram the bill through the opposition’s roadblocks. We’re going to throw everything we have into this, and will need your help getting the word out in the next few days.


Since the Harper Conservatives announced their Omnibus Budget Bill, more and more Canadians are rallying against a Bill that would put a black mark on our democracy. On Saturday June 2nd, we held a national day of action at Conservative MP offices and supporting locations. Over 3000 people participated in 97 actions! You can check out our Media and Blackmark Day of Action pages to see photos and media coverage from these events.

Even some traditional Conservative allies are now saying that the Harper Conservatives have gone too far. Last week, David Wilks, a Conservative MP, told a small group of his constituents that he, and many other Conservative MPs, were deeply troubled by the Budget Bill and that he would consider voting against it if 12 of his colleagues, enough to stop the bill, stood with him.[1] A day later, after receiving intense pressure from the Harper Conservatives, Wilks publicly reversed his position.

[1] Conservative Backbencher Breaks Ranks and Says Massive Budget Bill Should be Split Up: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/1182979–conservative-backbencher-breaks-ranks-and-says-massive-budget-bill-should-be-split-up