Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 @ 12:00 PM

Delta, BC

Delta--Richmond East - Delta, BC

Member of Parliament:
Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay (Conservative)

Hosted by:
Kevin Garvey

5000 Bridge Street, Suite 202, Delta BC, V4K 2K4

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Let’s love democracy, fight back, and stand against the Blackmark Budget Bill.

This Saturday, we’ll gather at Conservative MP offices and support locations across the country to bring Canadians together in opposition to a Bill that contains a sweeping agenda to remake Canadian society. And, we’ll shine a spotlight on the Conservative MPs who can stop the bill, split it apart and start over by inviting Canadians to help them make better laws. Please sign up to attend and we’ll send you details and tips to make sure the action has a big visual impact. 

The Story So Far 

The outcry began in the environmental movement. A coalition launched the campaign to protest the budget’s proposed rollback of environmental protections and silencing of environmental watchdogs.[1] Over 20,000 community members sent messages to Finance Minister Flaherty and their MPs calling on them to split up the Bill and restart.[2]

Since then, more and more Canadians have learned more about the Bill and said “no, thanks” to a sweeping agenda that would gut our environmental protections, hollow out our economy and make our lives less secure.[3]

Now, we are seeing the first signs that the outcry is starting to work. The government has changed their position and sent the environmental sections to a special committee for review.[4] Crucially, we are learning that even Conservative MPs, like David Wilks, are deeply troubled by the Bill and would consider voting against it if they had more support.[5] And at the same time, the Quebec student movement is showing us that mobilized people have the power to challenge majority governments.

We need your help to show Conservative MPs that we will stand up to defend our democracy, and we will support pro-democracy MPs who work together to stop the Blackmark Budget Bill.

About the events and 

The Blackmark campaign is being organized by, an organization that believes in progress through democracy. Each event is being organized by an independent volunteer host.



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